Weight Loss in Obese Adults with Newly Diagnosed ADHD

So this study was done in Canada, and looked at patients who were severely obese, and had trouble losing weight. There is a bit of evidence now (insert some links here about the relationship between obesity and ADHD, that before doing gastric surgery on people, to screen them for undiagnosed ADHD. These patients had had so much trouble sticking to any diet or exercise plans, and generally started out really well, and with high intensity (sound familiar), then found the routine, and extended executive function required to plan and execute the diet difficult.

Basically they put the newly diagnosed patients on medication (mainly Adderall, but also concerta and some other one that I don’t know about) and they found that the patients lost on average 15kg over 15 months!! They offered them a visit with the dietician, but only half took advantage of this, due to it costing $100. Basically they gave them a little talk on reducing calorie intake to around about 700kcal deficit, and if they did see the dietician, they were given 3 choices for each meal and snack.

So what?… ADHD is really common in severely obese people, treatment of ADHD is associated with significant long-term weight loss for people who have previously failed at weight loss.

Levy, L., Fleming, J. & Klar, D., 2009. Treatment of refractory obesity in severely obese adults following management of newly diagnosed attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. International Journal of Obesity, Volume 33, pp. 326-334.