Strengths and Weaknss of ADHD sypmtoms and Normal behaviour scale (SWAN)

This scale can be used in a few different ways, originally this was had 4 frequency codes – Not at all, Just a little, Quite a bit, and Very much.

More recently, it has been used in a 7 point scale from -3 to +3, as far above average to far below average “compared with other children”.

  1.  Give close attention to detail and avoid careless mistakes
  2.  Sustain attention on tasks or play activities
  3.  Listen when spoken to directly
  4.  Follow through on instructions & finish school work/chores
  5.  Organize tasks and activities
  6.  Engage in tasks that require sustained mental effort
  7.  Keep track of things necessary for activities
  8.  Ignore extraneous stimuli
  9.  Remember daily activities
  10.  Sit still (control movement of hands/ feet or control squirming)
  11.  Stay seated (when required by class rules/social conventions)
  12.  Modulate motor activity (inhibit inappropriate running/climbing)
  13.  Play quietly (keep noise level reasonable)
  14.  Settle down and rest (control constant activity)
  15.  Modulate verbal activity (control excess talking)
  16.  Reflect on questions (control blurting out answers)
  17.  Await turn (stand in line and take turns)
  18.  Enter into conversations & games (control interrupting/intruding)